Recalibrating Breathing

Very often I teach my classes how to reset or recalibrate their breathing.

Recalibrating breath is a fantastically rewarding practice that helps us to shed the urgency of stress and bring more ease into our breathing cycle.  Getting familiar with the practice of recalibrating our breathing makes it easier to refresh when we need a break after a challenging scenario or when we feel the need to stop and regroup.

Bringing equilibrium back into the breath is equivalent to bringing equilibrium back into the nervous system.

Recalibrate your Breath

It goes like this:

Just briefly, get still.

Feel your breath just as it is .  Tune in to your breath, just like adjusting the dial on your clock radio.

Then, when you feel ready follow your out breath right to the end.  That is, breathe all the way out.  At the end of that exhalation, there might be a little pause.  At this point, breathe in naturally.

It’s so simple.  Get still, feel your breath, breathe all the way out, then breathe in.

Go again a few mores times.

Such a sweet practice.  Give it a try.

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