Those Sweet Yoga Tears

Sometimes I will bring you a Kleenex.

When we practice yoga together tears might trickle. There’s no explaining it, there’s no way to reason with them. Yoga tears are their own force. Tears will rise up and fall away like each breath.
Don’t be surprised.
At times, it will be obvious that the tears come as a self-generated survival mechanism, emptying us back into balance after a gruelling day. Other times, a steady stream of tears comes with no apparent purpose, like the valve on the pressure cooker letting the lifetime of buried stress and strain seep out from deep in our cells.
We can let them be.
There’s no need to get overly involved in the hows or whys. Yoga tears have no lessons for us. If there is a message it is nothing deeper than to remind us of the rewards of showing up to our mats and feeling our breathing bodies in stillness and at play.

So, whether trickle or cascade, I will bring you a Kleenex.

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