Mindfulness and Yoga for First Responders

Those who work in the service of society through law enforcement, first responders, and other emergency personnel share a deep commitment to the public welfare and humanity. The demands and pressures on these dedicated professionals are tremendous, the stakes inordinately high, and the human toll great. Many find themselves feeling lost, unappreciated, burned out, overwhelmed or worse.

You know how we cope as a first responder or a paramedic or a dispatcher—we go ’til we break, and then it’s too late,”
~Bob Parkinson director of health and wellness for the Ambulance Paramedics and Emergency Dispatchers of B.C.

The Sock Drawer
We all have a sock drawer.
When repeatedly exposed to stressful situations, each event is like a folded-up pair of socks that gets tossed into the drawer. The drawer fills, one event after another. Then one day the drawer is full. There’s no more room. If we haven’t successfully transformed our exposure to trauma and changed our relationship with stress, we can find ourselves in crisis.

This training will introduce you to the proven potential and power of Embodied Yoga and Mindfulness. These Practices “sort through the drawer”, building grit, resilience and capacity in our lives.

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is awareness that emerges through paying attention, in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally to things as they are. Mindfulness skills enhance our capacity to perform through trauma and bounce back afterward.

What is Embodied Yoga?
Embodied yoga is the engaging practice of very closely sensing the breathing body while moving mindfully through yoga postures. In this way, the body’s natural movement and breath meet the shapes of postures without pressure to make the form. Embodied yoga is simply monitoring our experience which gives rise to self awareness. Our yoga postures practice will be suited to all levels, including those absolutely new to yoga.

You can expect to:
1. Experience Mindfulness Practices, including very brief ones, that help:
• stay grounded and focused during difficult situations
• let it go when the crisis is over
• step back from reactions
2. Gain valuable information about
• harnessing the inner workings of your brain and mind
• the proven power of mindfulness for first responders

An 8 hr Training, split over two Sunday afternoons.

March 19 & April 2


$140 Total (incl. GST)

Valley Yoga Centre Duncan, BC V9L2E2

Join Dr. Candace Cole and Erin Anderson for two sessions of skill building practice for managing stress through the scientifically proven practices of Mindfulness and Yoga.

This course is for all first responders and frontline workers.
Meditation & yoga experience is not required.

www.candacecole.ca and www.erinandersonyoga .com

Questions? Please call Erin 250-709-4633

Pay by March 12 to reserve your spot.  Space is limited

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