I love sharing yoga and its practical acceptance of receiving whatever this moment holds.

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist (Ajna Yoga Centre, Victoria) and meditation teacher, with background as a Massage Therapist (Mount Royal University, Calgary).

I have been practising yoga since 1998.  When I first began yoga classes, I was immediately hooked by the quiet exploration and play of moving through the postures. Yoga’s natural exploration of the inner world is a comfortable reminder of childhood.

I began practising at the Victoria Iyengar Centre and have since spent many years exploring the Vijnana style practice. The Vijnana practice is a beautiful, flexible, and  compassionate practice that calls us to work from within.

The foundations of the Vijnana practice are the Seven Vital Principles. These principles are relaxing, quieting the mind, intent, rooting, connecting, breathing and elongating.


With each breath,

each pose,

and every practice,

the investigation begins anew.

I love this emphasis on trusting intuition, exploring -not from our external guides, but from inner awareness, our own authentic self.


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