Class Description and Calendar

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga | Appropriate for students with little or no yoga experience and ideal for those with mobility concerns. Students will be encouraged to work at their own pace, for their own comfort. Restorative poses will be incorporated.

Restorative Yoga | Take time to settle into poses and feel your way through the body with slow, restful stretches. Restorative yoga is suitable for people with injuries and those recovering from illness. All levels welcome.

I’ve Got Your Back | Do you have a sore, tight back? Hips? Shoulders? In this therapeutic class we will attend to these areas through gentle movement, yoga postures, and we will use props, like the BackMitra, to support our practice. Please let Erin know if you have injury, illness or other concerns.  All levels welcome.

Slow Flow | This is a great way to end the day! Slow Flow is a flowing vinyasa style class where postures of varying challenge levels are strung together with the intention of co-ordinating movement and breath, stretching and strengthening the whole body. Inspired by functional movement training and the Vijnana Yoga tradition.

Level One Beginner | For beginner students with little or no experience with yoga. The basics of yoga will be introduced, as well as modifications given for tightness and injury concerns. This is a progressive class as we will be building on what is introduced throughout the session.

Intermediate Flow | For students with previous yoga experience. New postures will be introduced as we play with flowing sequences.

Strength and Balance Yoga | This adaptive class is designed with consideration of strength, mobility, and balance. This class is suitable for most, there will be strengthening floor work and flowing sequence of postures. Class always ends with meditative rest in Shavasana.

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