That’s a wrap….

We did it. Together.

Throughout August, we got comfortable with our new way of practicing. We dipped our toes into small, Covid-safe, group yoga classes as well as figuring out ways for accessible practices to beam right into your homes, too.

I was nervous at first, but as the weeks progressed we found ourselves more comfortable with wearing our masks, our distanced yoga practice, and carrying around our own props. As a result, I am happy to continue our in-class/in-home hybrid classes as we go forward into the fall.

⬇️ So! Let’s do it again. ⬇️

Zoom or in-studio options will keep us working together and staying connected.

These autumn classes are happening in a new location. Celtic Rhythm Dance Studio at 102 – 371 Brae Rd, in Duncan. The studio is on the ground floor, at the back. There’s plenty of parking, plenty of floor space as well as an exhaust fan for cleaner air during classes.

If you have any further questions or would like to register, you can contact me here or give me a call (text) at 250-709-4633

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